Christine 01.17.2011

My adventures in the world of Windows continues.

  • Ended up getting a windows laptop. Spend day configuring (and re-configuring) it. After getting FGM environment set up, I was able to successfully run MavenAssist without the funky errors I was receiving on the other laptop.
  • Before testing AirFileImageAppMaven, I took a look at the configuration and user settings tab in Maven Assist. I notice that my slashes are combined. Ex: Under Configuration, Maven Home is C:Applicationsmvn3.0.2bin/mvn.bat. And under my path, all Java’s jre6 directories are using forward slashes (unix-like), and all of the other directories use backslashes.
    Along those same lines, under User Settings, the path to my Settings.xml file is using a combination of both backward and forward slashes (poking around, I found that in there is no check to see if OS is Win or Mac & automatically it appends conf/settings.xml, which explains this forward slash). I also clicked ‘Validate’ to see if it would work and received “Java Session 1.6 is invalid!” I’m sure it’s the wonkiness of these slashes.
    So for the Win users out there, why would this slash change be happening? Is there someplace specific I need to check/modify?
  • That being said, and not being sure about the forward/backward slash bit, I still gave the AirFileImageAppMaven a go. Fail. Figured it has to do with the slash issue, but I wanted to check it either way. When I went to set the POM file I got a “Error on Line 1 of document: Premature end of file. Nested exception” and Eclipse was showing a NullPointerException.

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