Dong Shin 02.04.2011

  • FGMDEV backup…
    • mysql dump files missing again…. runs fine on command line. capturing output of cron job.
    • adjusted the script a bit, check again tomorrow.
  • Assisted Christine with Maven and Flex projects
    • went thru AccountManagers, EdgeUtils2, and IngestMananger
    • old projects use flexmojos-maven-plugin 3.2.0, we are using 3.8 now. 3.2.0 is not available at, we just have local server copy at
    • old projects have duplicate entries for com.adobe.flex:license: causing MavenAssist to crash
    • Maven generating different Flex project settings for Mac and Windows?
    • -locale flag in Compiler settings needs to be empty to compile in Flash Builder/Eclipse? It works fine on Mac, but Windows complains.
  • PPM Changes
    • added Tooltips to show contractor name and location on Contract Number ComboBoxes, both AddDirectCiteWindow and FundingRequest
    • mapping Funding Request Data to Financial Status
      • Submit Date (bf_submit_date) to Submitted To BA/BF
      • Certified Date (certified_date) to Certified Date
      • Acceptance Date (acceptance_date) to Acceptance
      • obligation_deadline_date to Funding must be obligated by
      • start_period_performance to Period of Performance
      • Missing Received Contract, Monthly Tech Report, Acceptance Received, MIPR/FAD Requested and Received Dates? dummy for now.
  • list of questions to ask…
    1. General flow of showing Financial Status
    2. Missing fields from Funding Request, if these are stored in Funding Request, where would you be entering data from? Just the Financial Status or Funding Request or both? If in Funding Request, where would it go?
      1. MIPR/FAD Requested from Service
      2. MIPR/FAD Request Received
      3. Date Acceptance Received
      4. Received Contract
      5. Initiate/Commit
      6. Monthly Tech Report
    3. Which are the editable fields in the financial status data form?
      1. PM Actual Outlay is calculated = obligation – outlay
      2. Remaining to Distribute = gradually subtract amount from total
    4. How are the summary data calculated?
      1. Available Balance
      2. Where would the goals come from?
    5. Reimbursable and Direct Cite mutually exclusive, can we control this like letting users enter data to only one place, not both?

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