Dong Shin 12.29.10

  • PPM
    • copied PPM stuff for deployment at /exchange/PPM_122910
  • MavenAssist
    • modified CreateProject and UserSettings to use archetypeRepository
    • -DarchetypeRepository=
    • current version is
  • meeting with Trish and folks
    • lots of notes to come….
  • PPM Bugs
    • Summary not updating for year 2, 3, so on in Financial Data
    • Ability to create project with 1 year span
    • Save Confirmation pops up on Financial Data – not working properly
    • Add comments status indicator, possibly number of comments and/or last updated date
    • Add commas to invoice dollar amont
    • Update login not possible because it’s used as database key. Let users change it and use no case-sensitive joins for existing data?
    • Allow negative values for invoice amounts
    • Project Name in Create Project disappearing?
    • larger View Invoices Panel in Financial Data so that comments are visible
    • logs/alerts for changing previous months data
      • from <> to <> by user id?
    • add delete/modify capabilities to all tables that use single drop down list to add a string to projects, funding requests, etc.
  • PPM Enhancements to support Financial Statu Sheet
    • one to one relationship with project
    • most of the data comes from Project and Funding Requests
    • if Certified Data != null, Initiate/Commit needs to be filled
    • new fields in Project – added to the Budget Datagrid
      • Program Element
      • FACTS BE
    • new fields in Funding Request
      • Reference Number in Reimbursable Amount – uniqueness test/
      • Contractor Name and Location in Reimbursable Amount/Direct Cites
      • Outlay in Reimbursable and Direct Cites
    • PM Actual Outlay = obligation – outlay
    • Roles to support users to fall into FYs and Projects
    • Remaining to Distribute = total budget – distributions

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