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Dong Shin 11.15.2010

  • helped Christine set up her development environment
  • adding PanelEvents to handle save panels instead of saving at open panel
    • PanelEvent.MAXIMIZE, PanelEvent.CLOSE, PanelEvent.MINIMIZE, PanelEvent.DEFAULT
    • close handled by onPanelClosing method
  • list of managed panels
    • FundingRequestPanel
    • ProjectViewerPanel
    • CreateProjectPanel
    • UserManagementPanel
    • ContractsMgmtPanel
    • AppropriationsMgmtPanel
    • ProjectMgmtPanel
  • found a weird bug on UserMgmtPanel
    • not coming up maximized
    • cannot maximize/minimize?

Dong Shin 11.12.2010

  • added better message for duplicate projects – ID and Name of the duplicate project found
  • continue working on History Management
    • Back/Forward buttons get enabled/disabled based on current history index.
    • Create Project enabled for History with no values?
    • All panels get maximized on restore…… Time for extending ManagedCanvas?

Dong Shin 11.11.2010

  • find duplicate projects functional
    • when services and totals of FY amount match
    • using query below, create dynamic FY values
  • find duplicate projects query
    SELECT p.uid, project_id, center_number, center_name, year, services, SUM(IF(year=1, amount, 0)) as FY1, SUM(IF(year=2, amount, 0)) as FY2, SUM(IF(year=3, amount, 0)) as FY3 FROM `budget_centers` b, budget_amounts a, projects p  WHERE begin_year=2010 AND end_year=2012 AND p.uid = project_id AND b.uid = budget_center_id AND services = ” AND p.uid = @lid GROUP BY p.uid ORDER BY p.uid

Dong Shin 11.09.2010

  • diable creating Funding Request on INCOMPLETE projects (total_funding = 0)
  • PPM bugs from Phil/Christina 11/09/2010
    • unable to update Contracts – fixed
      • UID must not be set on UPDATE
    • sort enabled on Project Mgmt Panel
    • Projects with < $0 Total Budget gets warning and recalculated
    • added refresh on unlock in Project Mgmt Panel
    • fixed horizontal scroll control showing up on Budgets Grid
    • resize Add Comment/View Comments buttons

Dong Shin 11.08.2010

  • working from home
  • packed up PPM for review.
    • new tables structure – project_portfolio_additional_tables_110810.sql
    • complete db dump – project_portfolio_complete_test_data_110810.sql
    • uploaded files to /exchange/PPM_110810
  • added project duplicate check on creation – Project ID and Name only for now
  • added Funding Request generation from Project Mgmt Panel
    • for COMPLETE projects only

Dong Shin 11.04.2010

  • added project_comments table with DELETE constraints
  • converted all contacts tables to innoDB
    • got #1071 – Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes because login field is too large?
    • reduce PRIMARY KEY size to 100
    • automatically deletes contracts relational data on project delete
    • ALTER TABLE `_projects_portfolio_admins` ADD CONSTRAINT FK_projects_portfolio_admins_project_id FOREIGN    KEY (project_id) REFERENCES projects(uid) on DELETE CASCADE

Dong Shin 11.02.2010

  • PPM enahancements
    • Create/Modify/Edit project now has multiple contact entries using ComboBox
      • saves single entry into projects table, more than 1 goes into separate relational tables – this is done to preserve the existing data
    • Project Management uses ComboBox ItemRenderers for the multiple contacts, single contact shows up as a label
    • added ItemRenderer for Total Budget
    • working on Project Mgmt event handling (Create, Edit, Copy, Delete, Refresh)
    • Added TabNavigator for Search and Filter