Tom DeVito 3.15.2012

Start: 10:00

  • Info about power adapters:
  • The mystery of why the power adapters output doesn’t matter is solved.  The power adapters we are using are regulated which means that within the 0-2 amp range of load current.  Higher load currents will cause the regulators protection mechanism to break the circuit before it does damage.  This is not explicitly written on the adapter label but can be seen in the chart of the data sheet(  This can also be proven with the voltage tester.  An unregulated power supply would output a higher voltage with no load current(circuit) attached.  These power adapters always output 12V no matter what the load current is.
  • Looking at the datasheets for all the components, the maximum load current would be about .5 amps.  This is 1/4 of what the power adapter allows.  We can actually power a whole hand(2.5) boards with one power adapter.
  • The adapters are common and used for many D-Link products.  For consistency we should get the same model if we need more.  We should have enough for now.  The model number is AG2412-B.
  • Test worked!
  • Adding labels and double checking ciruit.

End 6:00