Phil 9.23.2022

And just like that, the season has changed:

Send check for painting

Get paid account with Overleaf. I need the history feature! Done

Try fixing laptop


  • Add a method to the DataDictionary that returns a list of entries by type Done
  • Update graphics code to use and commit. Done
  • Slides for Monday’s review
  • Meeting with Aaron? Done
  • 10:00 Meeting with Erika. Went well


  • Sent a copy off to Greg
  • Working on edits – About 10-20 pages to go

GPT Agents

  • Try running the new clustering on the Tweet data
  • Add user adjustments for perplexity (TSNE), eps and min_samples (DBSCAN) in the clustering app
  • Maybe add the average distance code from here to help with options?
  • Try drawing to the canvas and see how slow that is
Ivermectin with PCA reduction to 10 dimensions and DBSCAN clustering

Progress! Just not as much as I’d like