Phil 9.22.2022


  • Rolling in changes
  • Bumped into Greg C last night. Need to say hi and send a copy after fixing the Deep Bias chapter


  • More 3D. Hopefully get everything running. Then start building out the scenario
  • Had a good discussion about the experiment logging. I think tables for the folllowing:
    • Program (id, name, brief description, contract start, contract end, status)
    • Project (id, name, brief description, program_id)
    • Code (text) (id, experiment_id, filename, date_stored, code)
    • Figures (blobs) (id, experiment_id, figure name, image)
    • Parameters (id, experiment_id, name, type, string value)
    • Results (same as Parameters)
    • Experiment (id, name, user, brief description, date run, project_id)
  • 9:15 standup

GPT Agents

Working DBSCAN
  • Added PCA dimension reduction as an option. On the same dataset reduced to 10 dimensions from 100, the clustering still looks good.
  • I’m clearly going to need user adjustments for perplexity (TSNE), eps and min_samples (DBSCAN) in the clustering app. Tomorrow.