Phil 8.2.2022

A Deeper Understanding of Deep Learning

  • Recent research has clarified that learning systems operate in an entirely different regime when they are highly overparameterized, such that more parameters let them generalize better. Moreover, this property is shared not just by neural networks but by more comprehensible methods, which makes more systematic analysis possible.


  • Sent the proposal off to Yale. Thirteen houses to go and then I don’t know what to do. Probably ping Andreea? Also try to reach out to Gaia Vince
  • MIT next. Their first cull is a letter that’s a condensed version of the proposal – done

GPT Agents

  • More Tooltips
  • Meeting today. Good meeting! We’re going to look at drugs as a proxy. Easier than slang


  • Sprint planning. I think this is going to be a case of writing the quarterly report and getting the presentation ready and scheduled. Maybe a little coding around the borders
  • MDA catchup with Ron and Rukan. Need to give them writing assignments. Also Loren