Phil 8.3.2022

Still testing positive – it’s been 9-10 days. I feel fine though. And it turns out that my health insurance doesn’t cover antigen tests because of course it doesn’t


  • Woke up early thinking about writing the next proposal for the MC Press. To do it right is going to be complex. Princeton wanted stuff that I already had in the template, so I sent that in instead

GPT Agents

  • Adding an experiment input file that will take a txt file with entries separated by CRs – done. Need to add an option to save or update an experiment as well
  • Add corpus size reached code so that we don’t pull more tweets per item than we should. Written but not tested


  • Work on the quarterly report – had a good meeting with Loren
  • Reach out to Dr. J to schedule presentation? Still need to do this
  • Is there still a JSC meeting? Nope. Did make a wishlist for data