Phil 9.1.2022

If you listen closely, you can feel fall coming

So I went to Spain on a two-week biking vacation with some riding buddies, which was a lot of fun (HOT – We went in the middle of the 2022 European Heat Wave). Getting home sucked though. The flight was delayed 14 hours, and I stood in many lines with an Airbus A300(?) full of people for 5 hours or so, and managed to catch some version of Covid. That was a cough, and then a fever, which got up to 100.5F.

I was able to do a telehealth visit and get a course of Paxlovid, which stopped the fever cold in about 8 hours. It’s a multi-day regimen, and your mouth tastes like metal, but one the whole, one of those remarkable medical feats.


There is a thing known as Paxlovid rebound, where you test positive for Covid, even though you have no symptoms. That’s me at the moment. Eight days after initial symptoms, I’m back to testing positive. Which means at this point, the post-vacation headaches are now half the length as the actual vacation. And I still haven’t applied for the hotel refund from the airline.

I don’t have any lessons to offer, other than saying that international travel is a fraught thing. In the end, a little over half my group wound up with Covid. I’m just not sure that this kind of trip is worth it at this time.


  • Submit to MIT press

GPT Agents

  • Look at the code and the TODO’s and figure out what’s next. There don’t seem to be any other than to add tooltips? This did not turn out to be straightforward, but as usual, there is a Stackoverflow solution
    • Added tooltips to TweetCountsExplorer