Phil 7.28.2022

Relapsed a bit. Taking it easy today

When Maps Become the World

  • When Maps Become the World shows us how the scientific theories, models, and concepts we use to intervene in the world function as maps, and explores the consequences of this, both good and bad. We increasingly understand the world around us in terms of models, to the extent that we often take the models for reality. Winther explains how in time, our historical representations in science, in cartography, and in our stories about ourselves replace individual memories and become dominant social narratives—they become reality, and they can remake the world.


  • Working on the UCP proposal – done!
  • Finding the next possible publisherd

GPT Agents

  • Top2Vec is an algorithm for topic modeling and semantic search. It automatically detects topics present in text and generates jointly embedded topic, document and word vectors. Once you train the Top2Vec model you can:
    • Get number of detected topics.
    • Get topics.
    • Get topic sizes.
    • Get hierarchichal topics.
    • Search topics by keywords.
    • Search documents by topic.
    • Search documents by keywords.
    • Find similar words.
    • Find similar documents.
    • Expose model with RESTful-Top2Vec
  • See the paper for more details on how it works.