Phil 7.27.2022

Feeling MUCH better. I took my first dose of Paxlovid around 5:00pm yesterday, with a fever of over 100F, around 3:00am this morning the fever broke and I pretty much feel back to normal with a lingering cough. Might even go for an easy bike ride today!


  • Figure out where I am with the deliverables and start going through the matrix to send out packages


  • Finish training
  • Meet with Aaron to get caught up
    • JSC – paper was good. More progress to come?
    • MDA – Lambda box is running – RayTune. Manage running and distribution across multiple GPUs
      • ATO? We need to get the files now?
      • Chat with James? He does want a presentation. Touch base with Clay for schedule
      • Is the DB running on the Lambda box?
      • ONE GUI is running
      • Local jobs run remotely using the IDE
      • SEG – a little behind on trajectory and FOM data. Still need to look at distinctly different holdout data
        • Need to introduce regularization
        • Attention with deep networks?
        • Encoder-decoder?
    • RCSNN – Aaron is getting MiniAlphaStar working.
      • Starcraft II AI community is enormous.
    • Tech conference – register today (done). Check email. Hotel?
      • Write abstract for teleoperation?
    • MDBE – Working on new scenario for land, air and sea
    • Reference implementation for SimAccel. COTS is not set up for batch. Steve is writing his own version