Phil 1.4.2022

It got really cold last night and I had forgotten to turn the water off to the outside and lost the faucet on the deck. Could have been worse. At least the pipes didn’t burst

Thinking about submitting a writeup on Sanhedrin 17a (Section 10.4 of the dissertation. Mostly) for the We Robot conference

  • Abstracts due: March 7
  • Decisions: May 9
  • Final papers due: August 8


  • Playing around with negative scalars to see how that works. This resulted in some code cleanup and a better color gradient. Not sure if it looks better though:

Still like this better:


  • Sprint planning
  • Working on code cleanup for MabBuilder. First, adding comments!
  • Fixed the exit condition that happened when clicking the ‘X’ close icon in the text compare popup
  • Next, check through all the button behavior in QueryFrame
    • Set Group
    • Add Topic/Seed
    • Add Topic
    • Add Seed
    • Find Closest (and dialog)
    • Add Group
    • Next Seed
    • Rerun Seed
    • Get Topic Details
    • Direct Prompt
    • Wikipedia
    • Link Existing (make this work with descending length topics)

GPT Agents

  • 3:30 Meeting. Going to make some models that explicitly are missing the phrase ‘vegetarian options’ from the training corpora. I’ll then run those as to compare to ‘vegetarian options’ in the ground truth by star and the other GPT models