Phil 1.5.2022

Jamie Raskin just released a book that apparently has some overlap with my work? Trying to track it down. Here’s something from CBS

GPT Agents

  • Creating unistar models from the corpora that have ‘vegetarian options’ removed. As they are trained, I’m also generating responses to the vegetarian prompts that I’ll do the star and unigram compares with. Then put that in a table and write the paper around it. Also, add the Floober part or something fanciful.
  • Models are all created. Finished running the first two and am now adding sentiment to them


  • Continue code cleanup and documenting. I managed to remove a good deal of code that had to do with handing raw text selection of topics, since that seems to be broken in tk
    • Finished commenting QueryFrame. Now I need to fix that listing problem in on_link_existing_clicked()
  • Set up meeting to discuss LAIC dev plans – done