Phil 1.3.2022

This looks interesting:


  • After a few false starts, I have the terrain extended:
  • I still need to:
    • add a ‘lit’ and ‘unlit’ node for terrain and labels – done
    • add a height scalar – done
    • toggle grids and axis – done
    • Shift keys to move the lights the other direction, plus lambda functions for the parameters – done
    • Maybe add fog? – nope, can’t get the fog to be relative to the terrain center

Today’s progress:

GPT Agents

  • Get the number of POSITIVE and NEGATIVE sentiment for each isolated model and compare to ground truth. Make a chart and add to the draft. This is the part that shows that creating models for a population captures that population’s patterns, and that this method is more accurate and reliable than assuming that one general model has all the information needed in an accessible way. Done