Phil 12.14.2021


  • Finish fixing the code so that there is an option for weights to be the default or calculated. I can use the calculated now for the GML, and then work out how to use the calculated for the live editing.
  • This looks better:
  • Here’s what I’m doing:

if weight < 1:
weight = 1.0
weight = math.log10(weight)
radius = radius * weight
fn = cf.create_ForceNode(, radius, color, x=xpos, y=ypos)
fn.mass = weight
self.force_node = fn
  • I still need to adjust the sizes and weights in the live edit
  • Put talk together once the code is fixed and schedule

GPT Agents

  • Read Jarod’s SLR – About halfway through
  • Good meeting with Tony and Panos. I went over the concept and tools, and we had a remarkably wide-ranging discussion. I wound up sending Tony and Panos PDFs of the book draft