Phil 12.15.2021

Hasbro is making emotional support robots


  • Get paper back for R&R today?
  • 2:00 Talk. Need to prep
  • Update the CanvasFrame testbed so that ForceNodes have their weight and size adjusted in real time. Then migrate to the MapBuilder app
    • Poked at the Atlas algorithm for a while and some of the ways that mass are used don’t make much sense to me. Making some tweaks. I do have an update working, but I’m not sure if I want to pass a scalar or an explicit value in. Maybe both? If the value is zero, don’t use it?

GPT Agents

  • 4:15 UMBC meeting. Didn’t discuss that much. I need to get started on the Yelp template as soon as the IEEE paper final is submitted


  • Went over changes with Jarod. He’ll add an appendix of definitions
  • Went over progress with Tamahau. I need to review his SLR pdf as well