Phil 12.13.2021

The emergence of collective knowledge and cumulative culture in animals, humans and machines

  • Each of us may know much, yet the collective knowledge in our communities is far richer and more powerful when harnessed towards a common end. Moreover, when spread over time and generations, collective contributions to knowledge can generate the forms of cumulative cultural achievement that underlie the extraordinary global success of our species. This theme issue reveals the surprising diversity of contexts over which the emergence and evolution of forms of collective knowledge and cumulative culture have begun to be identified in the natural world and engineered into new technologies. Manifestations range across the cultural evolution of vocal repertoires in birds and whales, primate conventions and technologies, language evolution, social networking, swarm robotics and humanoid robots.


  • Managed to break something in the conspiracy data that is causing the graph to explode. Chasing down possible causes. It seems to be related to saving the model to the DB
  • Fixed it. The weight was being set differently on the load than as the graph is built. The thing is, the load is probably right, but I need to make that work as the graph is built first

GPT Agents

  • Nice chat with Antonio about using the tool to explore gamification strategies