Phil 11.23.2021

Get bike! Nope, still needs bearing races

Updated conspiracy chart for 2021

GPT Agents

  • Got my Twitter developer account! Now I need to see if I can figure out threading
  • Test topic connections
    • Add connections to MapTopic.to_string() – done
    • Pull found text from raw – done
    • Write and read to db – maybe? Verify
    • Continue with conspiracy theories


  • Write stories for today’s sprint planning
    • GML output
    • Topic work
    • Refactoring
    • Change player so that it can handle any number of ‘players’
    • Add GML input to player
    • Meeting about tasking and IP. I need to write up something about when patents are good (slowly changing environments, where defense is important) and bad (dynamic, disruptive environments where exploration is easy). Incidentally, the Patent Office needs something like ArXiv, where ideas can be published as prior art so that they cannot be taken from the public domain. It should be a free service.
      • Preliminary meeting with Aaron. Moved to Monday at 10:00
    • The only real task is the paper. Which is due on Dec 10, so that’s probably a good thing