Phil 11.22.2021

It seems as though I’m kinda burnt out from the last effort

Get bike!

GPT Agents

  • Playing around with the conspiracy theory map since I know that area and it needs another pass
    • I have a thought about counting new results from the gpt. When there is a response from the gpt, there should be a button(?) that counts and deletes all substrings in the return that matches a topic in a node, with the appropriate connections between topics and nodes. I’ll need to add a count value to table_topic. It can have a default of 1
  • Start generating gml files
  • 3:30 Meeting with Andreea. Looked at the word frequencies for the yelp vegetarian data to see if this is the kind of frequencies she mentioned last week as a linguist
  • Got my Twitter dev API!


  • Sprint demos! Done!
  • Add brownbag of technique for next sprint
  • Set up meeting to discuss next steps for 4:00 tomorrow
  • Got pulled into some RFI thing?