Phil 11.24.2021

GPT Agents

  • Got my Twitter developer account!
  • Test topic connections
    • Write and read to db – maybe? Verify. Seems to be working!
    • Continue with conspiracy theories
  • Had a some interesting ideas.
    • Once a map is built, narratives can be created by the GPT, either in standalone or in dialog with others. The trajectory of these stories across the map to see the major flows. In turn, the flows can be used to adjust layout.
    • The re-clustering can still use the group labels as the ‘topics’. So we might get Jews/Puppetmasters and Government/False Flags. The order can depend on the ratio
  • GML output
  • Got the groups writing out:

And the topics in the groups. Here’s PuppetMasters:

Puppet Masters Topic Group


  • GML output
  • Work with Aaron on the RFI text?
  • Work the paper (due Dec 10).
    • Single-column IEEE format – done and on Overleaf using their template
    • 12 pages (Currently at 15!)