Phil 2.3.21

Panel Study Of The MAGA Movement

  • WaPo summary article: What explains MAGA supporters’ commitment to Trump and his conspiratorial and racist views? The answer is “status threat,” or the belief that one’s way of life or status is undermined by social and cultural change. As we’ve shown elsewhere, those who are attracted to reactionary movements like MAGA are often motivated by anxiety about possible cultural dispossession — seeing their social and cultural dominance eclipsed by other groups.

This is pretty cool! Not sure if it will work right, but…? Configure remote Python interpreters


  • Work on chapters


  • Finished all the models!
  • Set up experiments that run through each model for each set of terms and set of probes. Batch size of 50



  • Sitting in on GSAW keynote
  • Vadim has made progress! 11:00 Meeting
  • 2:00 Meeting
  • Work on fast sim
    • Created data_generators project in PyBullet
    • Copied ScriptReaderScratch to FastRCSGenerator
    • Copied over the classes in least_squares_rotations (VecData, Rwheel, Rwheels, and Frame3D) and made them their own files
    • wrote up a frame3d_test file to exercise the classes and make sure that I haven’t broken anything. Everything still works!
  • Get connected to repo?
  • More on setting up a BERT-style (autoencoding) transformer for time series. Vector of sin waves at different frequencies first


  • 5:00 Meeting? Or just online?