Phil 3.2.21

Respond to Alden’s email done

AI Coffee Break with Letitia

Gotta check out Graph Neural Networks!


  • Status report! Done!
  • Create a new class based on utils/ScriptReaderScratch that uses the the code from to create data for training
  • Attend the GSAW welcome and overview at 11:50 – missed it
  • Create a more generic generator based on timeseriesML2\generators that will create a numpy ndarray of n-dimensional times series data. Could also use a Dataframe and have labels.
    • Randomized start, within a range
    • Adjustable noise
    • Adjustable time step
    • Different function for each row
    • Input file driven
    • Saves to csv (with a header that describes the data?) or an excel file for humans. Use the to_excel() code from EccoToXlsx for this

GPT Agents

  • Run an Ecco experiment and create spreadsheets using the chess data – done
  • After that, back up the gpt_experiments and commit to svn – done
  • Make sure that the following are on the laptop for the 3:00 Meeting -done
    • updated gpt_experiments
    • small_feb2021
  • Uploading trained models to svn. When the last one is done, zip the whole batch and put it on DropBox
  • I think I know how to contribute to a project that I am not a member. I need to clone the project to my repo and work on that version. When I’m at a state that I like, then I can do a pull request. That means there are going to be one version of the source project in External and my branch in Sandboxes