Phil 3.4.21

I wonder if any crazy things are going to happen today? Capitol Police say intelligence shows militia group may be plotting to breach the Capitol


  • In EccoToXlsx, add code to iterate over all the samples from a prompt and add selected token ranks for the selected columns to a summary Dict. Compute mean and variance (95% intervals?), display the table and plot a candlestick plot.
  • Set up a mapping directory in GPT-2 Agents. Do some test pulls using the Python API. I think the goal should be to populate a database that is similar to the gpt2_chess db table_moves (from, to, probe, response),
  • Combined with table_output from gpt_experiments (experiment_id, root_id, tag, before_regex, and after_regex):


  • Work on chapters


  • Work on fast sim
    • Finish moving code from frame3d_test file to FastRCSGenerator. Keep the plots too, just to make sure everything’s working. Done
    • Realized that the pitch/roll/yaw calculations were being done by ODE, so I had to get them back from the quaternion. It turns out that pyquaternion has yaw_pitch_roll(), but I can’t get to it? Added it to the VecData code
      • Figured it out. The @property decorator means no parens. You treat a method as a variable
    • I don’t think I’m incrementally updating setting the quaternion right.
    • Turns out I was rotating twice and storing the incremental steps as the rotations. Fixed!