Phil 3.1.2021

I reran my monthly COVID-19 visualizations. Here’s my sample of countries. The UK is at the top of the ‘badly handled’ cluster, which includes the USA, Italy, Sweden, France and Switzerland. Germany is a bit better, and Canada really seems to be keeping things under control. The bottom cluster ranges from Finland to Senegal to China. Effective policy doesn’t seem to be related to government, wealth, population or location:

And here’s all 50 states plus territories. I switch between Republican and Democratic governors at the end. You can see that there’s not much difference except for Georgia. Something has gone horribly wrong there:

GPT Agents

  • Running Ecco trend analysis with the new model that Sim made
    • I think there is a multiple embedding problem that we’ll need to address.
    • It looks really good though…
  • Still training monthly models. At October 2020 now. It takes a bit under 10 hours to train most models