Phil 2.26.21

Pick up RV! done

GPT Agents

  • Working on turning the rank matrix into a class of EccoTrendAnalytics – done!
  • Need to make a ‘json’ tag for table_output and load in the ETA dict
  • New version of Ecco out. I need to mergeand fold in my changes
  • Still training the April model – done! On to May
  • 3:30 Meeting. We played with the GPT-3 a lot


  • 11:00 Meeting with Erik & Vadim. Continue working on creating data using the LS model. Architect and train a classifier. Demo the yaw flip to show capability and then focus on Nadir Point.


  • 11:30 Meeting to finalize report. Done


  • 2:00 Meeting with Michelle. More pitch organization