Phil 2.16.21

Local pharmacies online vaccine scheduling:

Mass vaccine clinics have been added by the State of Maryland. You can register at:


  • Google Doodle and some other diversity injection? I’d love to fine a Maker example

GPT Agents

  • Create training data
  • 3:30 Meeting. Nice progress. This is pretty cool:
Counts by month for “chinavirus”
Counts by month for “coronavirus”
Counts by month for “sars-cov-2”

These haven’t been normalized, but there seems to be a big spike for chinavirus early in the pandemic, which is what I’d expect for stampede-like behavior. Coronavirus has more mentions, and it’s also more spread out and slowly starts to die out as it is incorporated into daily life and other things grab our attention. Sars-Cov-2 follows a different pattern of periodic relative higher and lower interest but doesn’t seem to change that much which is what I would expect for explorer behavior.


  • 11:00 Meeting with Vadim. I’d like to work out the best way to adjust the reaction wheel efficiency. Currently it’s done by adjusting angular velocity in AngleController but I think that the efficiency should be adjusted in the sim code. Also, we need to have the “reset” code that can move the vehicle back to the start position without using physics.
  • Multi dimensional inputs: