Phil 2.12.21

Nice little number sequence of a day. For the US at least.

Cool thing! This is, that lets you look at and compare Wikipedia page views. These are subjects of recent Google Doodles, which shows the power of diversity injection using ‘random’ prompts.|Fredy_Hirsch|Shadia|Jim_Wong-Chu|Petrona_Eyle


  • 2:00 Meeting with Michelle


  • Add code to AngleController for RW efficiency – done. Not sure if the scripted reaction wheel efficiency failures is being applied correctly. Right now it’s in AngleController as a commanded value to the Rwheels. I think it should probably be handled in the simulation proper
  • Add padding to DictionaryEntries for variables that are added later – done

GPT Agents

  • Still Ingesting
  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Structure
  • Graphs and networks
  • A Comprehensive Survey of Graph Embedding: Problems, Techniques and Applications
  • A graph is hypothetical structure that does not exist in the real world. Any real world data representation may be reduced to a graph, but it is NOT a graph. A network topology can be first reduced to a graph and then algorithms like Dijkstra’s and Kruskal’s can be applied to it for various purposes like routing. All real world situations are subsets of graph problems (of that domain). Most problems of networking, especially those concerning routing reduce to a graph based problem. You will never find a graph in real world scenario. But you will find its subsets or derivatives in practical applications.

Jury Room

  • Read Jarod Grovers’ COMPX593 Thesis proposal

ML Group

  • 3:30 Meeting. Added some topics to the paper list