Phil 1.14.21

Today’s webpage from the Washington Post:


  • Working on Making better Human-Computer Interfaces for Populations


  • 10:00 meeting with Vadim, then start working on TopController and AngleController
  • Have AngleController return DONE when it’s sufficiently close to its goal
  • Have TopController load the script, send a command to AngleController to get to the start point of the manouver
  • Upon DONE from AngleController, run the script at the specified speed. While the script is running, just re-issue the TO_ANGLE command.
  • Once the script is done, wait for the AngleController to reach the goal
  • Another option is to leave the AngleController running and handle the logic in TopController. Need to think about that.
  • Customer meeting at 2:00
  • Submitted spreadsheet to Eric about bandwidth needs

ML meeting at 3:30 – wound up being an evening of financial and cycling advice!