Phil 1.13.21

2021 continues to produce surprises: Several senior Republicans join impeachment push

I was looking at a McSweeny’s article (LEST WE FORGET THE HORRORS: A CATALOG OF TRUMP’S WORST CRUELTIES, COLLUSIONS, CORRUPTIONS, AND CRIMES). It references a pile of Trump Tweets that now look like this:

History has been deplatformed. Now what?

Good article on QAnon: QAnon reshaped Trump’s party and radicalized believers. The Capitol siege may just be the start.

Speaking of Twitter, this is a good thread on how to write and contest ML conference papers

ParametricUMAP allows users to train a neural network to optimize the embedding, resulting in a direct neural net based mapping from source data to embedding. This allows for extremely fast inference (embedding of new data points), orders of magnitude faster than standard UMAP. It also provides facilities for an inverse transform, mapping from the embedding space to the original data space that is both far faster and more robust that that provided by standard UMAP. Since network architectures can be user provided this also allows for CNN and RNN based UMAP embeddings for images or sequences.


  • Continue Making better Human-Computer Interfaces for Populations


  • Add in mapping to script reader, verify by adding legends


  • Status meeting maybe produce a spreadsheet to walk through that shows a time series of inputs and a calculation for each set? I think the inputs can be a column of six (for now?) variables as a set of rows, and the prediction calculations are shown below that. Make a DataFrame and see what that looks like.