Phil 1.15.21

My Former Hasidic Community Still Supports Trump. I’m Not Surprised.

  • The thing is, contemporary Hasidic sects are designed for authoritarian control. Each Hasidic sect, from Bobov to Viznitz to Satmar to Skver, are run by what is called a “grand rabbi.” These rabbis are demanding patriarchs. They expect women to wear particular shades of stockings, men to dress identically, congregants to receive their blessings before making any personal life decisions, and they believe in a world where Hasids are the only Jews worth mentioning. Most importantly, Hasidic grand rabbis center their congregants’ worlds around themselves. They are populist leaders of miniature nations. Congregants have paintings and photographs of grand rabbis around their homes, sacrifice family time for tisches (Friday night gatherings) with their leaders, and would do anything to protect the power of their particular grand rabbi.


  • Working on Making better Human-Computer Interfaces for Populations. Finished my first pass at The signature of dangerous misinformation section
  • 2:00 Meeting with Michelle


  • Decided to build out a sandbox ScriptReaderScratch RCS controller to work out the file loading and playback. Rather than AngleController, I’ll have a method that interpolates to the newest target. That should be enough to let me work out the details without breaking anything

GPT Agents

  • Start pulling off pages from paper
  • 3:30 meeting