Phil 1.12.21

From Charlottesville to the Capitol: how rightwing impunity fueled the pro-Trump mob

  • The playbook for the Maga invasion of the nation’s Capitol building on Wednesday has been developing for years in plain sight, at far-right rallies in cities like Charlottesville, Berkeley and Portland, and then, in the past year, at state capitols across the country, where heavily armed white protesters have forced their way into legislative chambers to accuse politicians of tyranny and treason.

Here’s what seems to have happened with the Parler hack. The data may be available for research

Nice paper on training a model to generate synthetic data for better classification training: Reducing AI bias with Synthetic data. It uses the gretel’s gretel-synthetics library It’s free to use during the beta period, not sure about after, or what the pricing will be. They are hiring, with about seven openings at the moment, so they are burning through someone’s money.

GPT Agents

  • Finish abstract submission – done
  • Make an Overleaf project for qualitative paper?


  • Finish up the ManeuverReader – done! Here’s the original, with some large number of points that is subsampled to 100 points and stored as a json file
  • Here’s a reconstructed version that uses 1/3 (33) steps through the file. You can see a little roughness, but with more points it’s indistinguishable from the original pulled off influxDB:
  • And here’s a snippet of the json file
"title": "test",
"speed_multiple": 1.0,
"read_fmt": "%H:%M:%S",
"mapping": {
"duration": "00:29:56",
"samples": [
"timestamp": "00:00:00",
"values": [
"value": 63.68628693
"value": 1.657353401
"value": -3.304497004
  • start to integrate into TopController