Phil 1.6.21

Georgia is looking promising! Maryland is trying to be more flexible in its vaccinations!

And then later in the afternoon, this happened:



  • 10:00 meeting with Aaron and Peter
    • Create pipeline for data (what does it look like?) and FOM evaluation (input/output)
    • Who creates the sim and generates the data?
    • Who feeds that into the FOM?
    • Can all this run locally?
    • Write up notes
  • Meeting with Clay
    • Write up two paragraphs on phase 2 thoughts


  • Slide deck for tomorrow’s meeting
  • More work on script generator

GPT Agents

  • Created a local version of the IJCAI paper project. Need to fit the format and then create the Overleaf project and share with Antonio
  • Do some coding, dammit


  • 5:00 Huri Whakatau meeting