Phil 1.5.21

Voting in Georgia today. I am pessimistic but hopeful about the outcome

GPT Agents

  • I’m not sure if the meeting is today at 3:30 or Friday at 4:00?
    • It was today. Continuing on trying to figure out the best way to understand the behavior of the model. One of the interesting findings for today was that if the data isn’t in the dataset, then the model will start generating tokes at the meta wrapper.
  • More coding


  • Working on what’s become Hierarchies, Networks, and Technology, and I think I’m now happy with where it’s going. It makes sense to use as the end of the chapter as well
  • Made a cool figure:


  • The Lambda box was cancelled. Sigh
  • 11:00 Meeting with Vadim
  • I’m going to start on a script-reading capability for TopController. I think a JSON or XML file that contains the following elements:
    • Absolute or relative move
    • axis name
    • Target (HPR or XYZ)
    • Timestamp
    • Required accuracy
  • So a move could be a series of HPR coordinates that ‘play’. The first step is a MOVE command which includes the filename. The TopController opens the file (or fails and reports it), loads the move into memory and begins to step through it based on the timestamp. On reaching the end of the file and when the AngleController reports success/failure, the TopController reports DONE and is ready for the next MOVE
  • Downloading the yaw flip maneuver from influx: