Phil 1.7.21

And just so we remember that the pandemic is not going well here. For comparison, the battle that took the most American lives was Antietam, where there were 3,675 fatalities if you count both sides.

Source: New York Times, 1.7.21

Need to look into replacing JetBrains


  • Slide deck for 2:00 meeting
  • 11:00 AI-ML meeting
  • 2:00 Sim discussion. We have until the end of March to come up with a compelling demo
  • More script generator. I need to write a method that searches through a Measurement list looking for the last value before a datetime
    • Need to map the names in the database to the desired name for the sim


  • Write up notes from meeting and distribute
  • Write up a couple of paragraphs for Clay

GPT Agents

  • More coding
  • ML group meeting


  • More Hierarchies, Networks, and Technology