Phil 12.18.20

It is feeling very dark and wintery as we near the winter solstice.

Struggling to get my changes committed. Sheesh

GPT Agents

  • Found a way to plot 3d lines in plotly (
  • It could be nice to adjust the alpha values of all the non-trajectory points too. It looks like you use the opacity argument (from the api)
  • Need to set up a TwitterDBtoEmbedding class. I clearly don’t want to try and plot millions of points
  • Really nice results at the meeting today. We tried [“USA is “, “China is “, “Chinavirus is “, “COVID-19 is “, “Coronavirus is “], and got nice, distinct results! Fixing the code so that the first results are kept as “trimmed”
  • Need to change the embedding code so that the least squares are performed on the prior rotated points


  • 10:00 meeting with Vadim


  • Finish decapitated army, start deprogramming