Phil 12.17.20

Scraped the ice/snow that fell last night off the driveway

The espresso machine that I thought had been broken turns out to have been a victim of the Trader Joe’s espresso? I had noticed with my hand pump that Wegmans espresso was far easier, so I pulled the machine from the basement and tried it with that. Success! Crema! Life is good.


  • Went over what I wrote yesterday and it was better than I thought it was! Fixed a few things and started on the decapitated army trope. Also pinged Matthew to chat about cults


  • Got a response back from Frank with the algorithms. Vadim already has these, and he’s really like to get the code
  • 10:00 Meeting with Vadim
  • Need to see how fast we can make the yaw flip run and use that as a basis for speeding up the entire sim. Need to see if the Panda3d simulation step is adjustable. Long discussion on that. We’re going to try a few experiments and see what we can come up with by tomorrow
  • Need to set up a 24-hour sim with a yaw flip in the middle
  • Need to set up a 365-day sim with 2 yaw flips

ML Group

  • 3:30 meeting
  • Run against actual data as well
  • See if it’s possible to draw lines between nodes of selected words
  • Look up words and highlight
  • Tensorflow 2.x: Neural Structured Learning (NSL) is a new learning paradigm to train neural networks by leveraging structured signals in addition to feature inputs. Structure can be explicit as represented by a graph or implicit as induced by adversarial perturbation.