Phil 12.16.20


I have broken some of my GPT code. Started upgrading various things, like Tensorflow. The most recent version of Numpy seems to be broken, so I had to install an older version. Also, it looks like it’s time for a CUDA update. Here’s the list of work so far

  • Installed TF 2.4.0
  • Downgraded Numpy to 1.19.3 from 1.19.4
  • cuda_11.0.2_451.48_win10.exe
  • The problem seems to be related to tf.random.set_seed(), which used to work with an int. Now it needs some other kind of 32-bit int? Can’t seem to pass it in from the surrounding call any more, so I’m calling it in the main for the moment


  • Got some writing on language models that’s… ok


  • Verified that the code is working. It was an error in the ordering of the quaternion multiplication.
  • Need to set up a meeting with Frank(?) to set the parameters on the RWs. Isaac has sent an email introduction.
  • Need to see how fast we can make the yaw flip run and use that as a basis for speeding up the entire sim. Need to see if the Panda3d simulation step is adjustable
  • Need to set up a 24-hour sim with a yaw flip in the middle
  • Need to set up a 365-day sim with 2 yaw flips


  • Technical ‘kickoff meeting’. Spend some time talking to Peter, who is the technical lead about how our data will be generated and evaluated


  • Late for the 5:00 meeting due to shoveling snow. Sent T some resources on Qualitative research in HCI