Phil 10.13.20

This is cool: NumPy API on TensorFlow. It will be available in 2.4. I should revisit my simple NN


  • Chunking away on translation. DB search makes it slow
  • Google Translate prices are really good. free for the first 500k characters, then $20/million chars. On average, that seems to be about $0.003/tweet, or about $20 for 7k. Pretty manageable to build a hybrid tweet translator that tries Huggingface first and falls back to Google
  • Really sped up the translation by using ORDER BY rather than DISTINCT and updating based on the GUID
  • Finished and backed up! Tomorrow do a select distinct translations order by date and put into a text file to train a model


  • Waiting on Vadim

GPT-2 Agents

  • 3:30 Meeting. Went over the tweet ingestor (SchemaToDb) and the whole process of creating a model. The idea of finding tweets similar to generated tweets and tracing back to users came up, which is both cool and creepy


  • Still working on dominance, leadership, cults and chimpanzees