Phil 10.14.20

There is an electric motorcycle dealer in Gaithersburg!

Your periodic reminder of how badly the Trump administration has handled the pandemic. If Trump had simply implemented, for example, Canada’s policies then he’d be a hero and coasting to re-election.


  • Update the dev db with the one generated on the laptop – done!
  • Write an app that creates test/train data in a date-ordered output of the translation table. If a random value is < 0.2, the line goes to a test file, otherwise a train file – running!
    • Whoops – found that there were a lot of rows that had NULL as the translation. Running those through Google
    • Training on the smaller model to see how everything works
  • Train model – training!
  • Copy the ProbesToFile code over from GPT-2 Agents and try a few tests
  • Work on using the db to create queries from labeled data
  • 3:00 meeting – just Ashwag. We went over progress and discussed next steps. Once I have a model up, I’ll bundle everything together with directions for TF and Torch for playing with the model


  • Still waiting on Vadim – He’s back! Scheduled meeting for tomorrow at 10:00
  • 2:00 Meeting


  • Review T’s req’s engineering section