Phil 10.12.20

Write response to Tony’s letter – done

Google call with Victor at 5:30. Had a nice talk about book writing and the idea of doing something about ESL that brings it into the modern age

Write Google Translate code for bad translations. Do it in small batches and check pricing. Running!

  • Huggingface changed their API a bit. what was
batch = tok.prepare_translation_batch(src_texts=[sample_text]) 
  • is now
batch = tok.prepare_seq2seq_batch(src_texts=[sample_text])


  • Read more on cults
  • Read Goodall on dominance displays and alliances. I think this is the in. Dominance is very low dimension (one or two?) and effective in mass movements. Arendt’s concept of terror in totalitarian states could be a manifestation of dominance at scale. There are two sides, the dominating and the dominated. They are low dimension in their own ways.
  • Also something about bullying vs. adversarial herding. Bullying is very low dimensional. It is generally reactive and not reflective. Herding can organize the power of bullying to move populations. It is extremely analytic. Consider the interactions between the Sheppard, the sheepdog, and and the sheep. Herding doesn’t have to be malevolent. It can simply be to sell products like supplements.