Phil 9.25.20

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  • Adding to these thoughts about using three stories to frame nomad, flock, and stampede behaviors.
  • Listening to BBC Business Daily on London’s dirty financial secrets. In the episode, Tom Burgis, author of a new book Kleptopia: How Dirty Money is Conquering the World, discusses money laundering. It’s making me think about how though money is a dimension reduction process, it’s a very peculiar one. The ability to simplify transactions and “store” the profits means that power accumulates with money. That money lets the owner of the money pay people to add dimensions in other areas. This can be good, as with scientific research, or it can be bad, as with the creation of the byzantine dimensions of money laundering. In the middle somewhere are activities like high-speed trading.
  • The thing is, any increase in the ability to create social realities that exist independently of the environmental reality creates the conditions for stampedes. A lot of crime (Scams, cons, embezzlement) depends on the creation of a social reality that overwhelms trustworthy information coming in through other channels.
  • More transcription

GPT-2 Agents

  • At 7.5M tweets so far
  • Got Antonio’s comments back. Need to roll them in


  • More rotations. I think we found the problems. The first is that the angles being fed to the absolute angle calculations were wrong. The second was that the sign of the pitch and yaw vectors flip near 180 degrees and we were not compensating for that.
  • Need to try a runthrough for the GVSETS slides. Too tired. Maybe over the weekend.


  • Gobs of paperwork