Phil 9.23.20

Fireplace (410) 203‐2876 Invoice No. 1837 Issued on Tue Jan 21, 2020

MD Food bank



  • Adding in the labeled values to the Arabic data
  • Fix “elderman” translations


  • 10:00 Meeting with Vadim. Worked through bugs in the angle adjustment code and added clamping. Still have problems at 120 degrees. Need to see if this is a blocker for the demo
    • Roll freezes at exactly 90 degrees. WTaF? Need to extend the DDict so that it can dump a column-format csv file that is incrementally updated
    • Pitch works great. It’s neat to see how all the rwheels line up for that maneuver
  • 12:00 All hands
  • 2:00 Status meeting