Phil 9.24.20

Fireplace (410) 203‐2876 Invoice No. 1837 Issued on Tue Jan 21, 2020


GPT-2 Agents

  • About 6.5M tweets processed so far
  • 3:30 Meeting


  • Still reading in labeled tweets – done!
  • Need to fix “elderman” translations, though there are some other bad/partial translations as well


  • Create logger for DDict – done!
  • Start rwheel coding for incremental rotations – started
  • 2:00 Meeting and demo. It went well, I think. We can run 100x speedup now!
  • Vadim has this thought: Was just thinking that at the next demo meeting, we should mention that this is adaptable to many different situations, including simulating the Launch Orbit Raising scenarios, specifically for the upcoming GOES-T launch. Since it’s a physics sim and we can make the various pieces move, such as deploying the solar panels.


  • 5:30 Meeting