Phil 9.4.17

8:00 – 10:30 ASRC IRAD

  • Started Understanding Ignorance. It’s more appropriate than I was expecting.
    • Four decisions shaped the writing of this book. I chose: (1) to attempt a comprehensive study that would examine many facets of ignorance; (2) to integrate perspectives drawn from contemporary studies in many disciplines; (3) to structure the discussion using four spatial metaphors for ignorance—place, boundary, limit, and horizon; and (4) to write a rather nontechnical, occasionally broad-brush text. [Kindle Locations 79-82]
    • Since what I’m working on with the map concept is to place an information horizon so that the ‘ignorance’ as encoded in the user interface is minimized, I’m particularly interested.
    • It also strikes me that ignorance is related to precision and recall. Focused information retrieval can increase ignorance of ‘adjacent’ subjects
  • Short day today, but I wanted to make some progress integrating CellAccumulator into the program so I can start writing the paper(s!) this week.
  • Found a bug that I need to spend more time hunting. I seem to be getting this error for a semi-random value StorageAndRetreival.draw(): CellAccumulator[64] is null! (line 140) when iterating over the raw list. My indexing function may not be exactly right.
    • Oops. It was doing what I told it…
      lt.set(iArray, null);
    • Now it’s working pretty well. I need to make it not accumulate when the sim is paused, etc 2017-09-04