Phil 9.1.17

7:00 – 3:00 ASRC IRAD

  • I think I need to rethink my work strategy. I actually don’t have to get PhD work done before going and doing work work. Does this mean I get to sleep later?
  • Working on adding in drawing of cells
  • I think I’m going to move the drawing of the StoRet cells back into StorageAndRetreival, and make it more like SmartShape.draw(ResizableCanvas rc) – Done
  • Finished initial framing out of StoRet. Next step will be to work out heatmaps as an initial case. That also means that I need StoRet to be able to iterate over agents
  • Wrote up an Accumulator class and got the positions of an agent mapping to the grid. Not enough motivation on a Friday afternoon to tie the pieces together, but the next step will be to have the LabeledTensor initialize with <CellAccumulator>, then build the heatmap. Then it’s probably time to start writing.
  • Renewed my ACM Membership. On the corporate card yet!