Phil 8.31.17

7:00 – 9:00, 10:00-4:30 IRAD

  • Something for my Visible from Space collection?
  • Saw this in the letters from CACM this month:

    Causal Connections for Predictive AI

    As part of the “ACM Panels in Print” section “Artificial Intelligence” (Feb. 2017), panelist David Blei said he believes computer science needs to identify the causal connections between data components, concluding that artificial intelligence, with its predictive capabilities, will be enhanced through causal inference. For example, the first step toward using AI in database systems is to analyze and create a data map of the complexity of the causal interconnections between the data components in a problem space. A data map connects a data component to other data components through causal interrelationships. A data map can be created through qualitative analysis of data collected for a particular problem. The qualitative analysis could then take the form of “thematic analysis,” (Braun, V. and Clarke, V. 2006) using systems diagramming to gain greater insight into the data. At that point it might be advantageous to start applying AI directly to the data.

    Researching the complexity of database systems, I have thus created such a data map, which is now ready to move to the next stage of automation where predictive analytics can help improve management of database systems. Using an analogy of the CODEX, or Control of Data Expediently, my research into causal connections has identified a potential role for AI in automating continuously changing best practice, thus representing an agile approach to deciphering the complexity of interconnections and promising to help create an autonomous way to deliver best practice in database management.

    Victoria Holt, Bath, U.K.

  • I looked at hew blog, research page and twitter account. Can’t find anything about mapping. Even looking at the thematic analysis and citing articles, I can’t find much about maps or mapping. Odd
  • Getting back to drawing the database. But first, updating my IDE, it seems…
  • Broke out DimensionInfo to TensorDimensionInfo since I need the mappingLow and mappingHigh to draw the borders
  • Changed the canvas drawBG to use StorageAndRetreival, since I need to know the projection I’m drawing
  • Killed JavaFX for a while. Had to reboot
  • More RFI work
  • Ok, got the background scaled correctly and drawing the border. Had to deal with more hard-coded values. SAD! Anyway, here’s all the parts working: stageWithBorder