Phil 12.28.16

7:00 – 8:00, 8:30 – 4:00 Research

  • Thom Lieb found this for me today: Reuters Tracer – A Large Scale System of Detecting Verifying Real-Time News Events from Twitter. Downloaded. A must read.
  • Need to renew my cert for
  • Realized last night that I should be able to maintain angle and length for my rotation through ‘n’ dimensions between two vectors.
    • Get the angle between the two vectors (dot product)
    • Get the chord between the two normalized vectors
    • Now I have a 2D problem where I project the angle I want to rotate on the chord line. That gives me a new vector that I just need to normalise.
    • Solving simultaneous equations with matrices
    • The only condition where I see this failing is a 180 degree rotation.
    • Need to verify that this will work. It took forever for stupid math reasons but it does work.
    • Reworking ParticleBelief.interpolateHeading()
  • No pretty screenshots for today. Instead, here’s a murmuration of starlings

Magic Cloud from Marco Campazas on Vimeo.

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