Phil 12.27.16

Phil 7:15 – 8:15, 8:45 -4:15 Research

  • Adding start/stop Done. Should probably add a slider to adjust time
  • Implementing boids as per Craig Reynolds page
    • The flocking shape needs an orientation. Since this orientation can be any number of dimensions, where each statement is a dimension, I’m creating a ParticleBelief to contain ParticleStatements.
    • Getting the heading and rebuilding shape as boid triangles
    • Drawing triangles now. Using the Javafx examples here. Got angle working
    • Adding individual flocks
    • Working on an angle interpolation that will work for any number of dimensions. Going to start with interpolation and renormalization, since the steps should be incremental. I think it’s done. Will test tomorrow. Need to add the parts to the dprint?


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