Phil 12.26.16

7:00 – 12:00 Research

  • Winterize lawn mower – done!
  • Look into hopkins computational and regular ecology
  • Downloaded the new version of AtlasTi. It’s on OneDrive
  • The goal is to start the development of the flocking app. I’m going to start with a new FlockingGui. Done, now switching all the underlying pieces over. I think done for the day is when the agents are moving based on their belief statement value of xpos and ypos.
  • Update Java – no need
  • Update IntelliJ – downloaded locally and installed. Odd problem with FILE_PATH not being set in Settings->Appearance & Behavior -> Path Variables. This was just for JavaUtils and seems fine in GroupPolarizationModel. Anyway, everything is compiling and running.
  • Update TortoiseSVN – no need
  • Update WinSCP -no need
  • Copy over java code – done
  • Ok, the first thing to do is have an agent that takes its position from an xMapping() and yMapping() function. To begin with, this will be taking an xpos and ypos statement that vary as a function of time.
  • Currently the movement is calculated in the shape, since for force clustering the beliefs/statements don’t know their ‘positions’. This approach is different in that the beliefs are a measure of position in information space. Working through the changes

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